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Basic Tracksuit


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Oversized footer suit with fleece. Hoodie and trousers.

In a new even more simplified mesh of two sizes - SM / LXL
SM will suit any girl and man up to 185 height and up to 80 kg
LXL for any person from 185 to 80 kg

Length Chest Width Shoulder Width (half girth)
hoodie S / M 67cm 72cm 71cm
hoodie L / XL 67cm 72cm 76cm

Length hip width waist width (half girth)
pants S / M 98cm 51cm 30-45cm
pants L / XL 103cm 54cm 36-54cm

An absolutely universal item for any occasion. Cozy keeping warm and peace of mind. To a party, to visit, to walk the dog, wherever it is appropriate to wear such. Plus our signature real oversized fit.